Another Extension

“We never turned it off. We turned it way, way down” Gov. Andrew Cuomo

July 7th, 2020

In response to the cautious reopening of business Governor Cuomo issued Executive order 202.47 once again continuing the suspensions and modifications of law, and any directives which tolls the date of time limits in Court Actions until August 2nd 2020.

As New York moves past Phase 2 and into Phase 3 we find few businesses are returning to their offices. City Agencies for the most part remain closed.  Hospitals, businesses and many attorneys are still working remotely.  The new normal includes social distancing wearing face masks, and fewer people in the workplace.

NY courts are moving forward with protocols that will include, temperature checks and Covid-19 Screening. Courts working with skeleton staff, are scheduling more E-filing classes, and the trend shows, that virtual hearings wherever possible will be the new norm. In his Covid-19 update, Governor Cuomo, explained that he views the reopening as a series of gauges on the reopening valve, that will be tightened or loosened as necessary