Legislation was enacted in 2011 allowing electronic filing of litigation through the NY State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF). In 2012, pursuant to an administrative order, Electronic filing (E-filing) is mandatory in all commercial contract and tort actions that are commenced in NY County Supreme Courts.

Here is a breakdown of Mandatory NY E-Filing:

  • New York State E-filed case can be commenced electronically by an attorney, paralegal, or agent authorized by the attorney.
  • All files are immediately available online. This includes orders, judgements, and decisions.
  • The NY E-file system will provide notice of this availability via email.
  • Fees can be paid online via MasterCard or Visa.


We at A Subpoena can answer any questions you have about E-filing and help you with your E-file process. Additional information can be found at the State of New York E-file website.

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