New York State Court Administrator Expands Virtual Court Operations

With the Success the NY State Courts have had with Virtual Court Operations, The Chief Administrative Judge announced on April 13th, 2020 that the Courts will Expand these Virtual Hearings Beyond the Limited Categories included in “Essential and Emergency Matters”

This week, Judges will start to schedule conferences and hearings to be done by Skype on pending non-essential matters.

These hearings will be scheduled on motions already submitted. The court will continue to evaluate and adjust its use of Skype and other technology platforms while they conduct conferences and perform other essential task. Additional information will be announced as the court systems works with technology to protect the residents of New York State and continue to allow access to the Justice System

On April 16th 2020, ASubpoena served our first order to show cause calling for a virtual hearing.

*New Non-Essential matters are not being accepted for Filing
*New Essential Matters need to be applied for by an Order to Show with Cause

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