New York halts evictions due to corona-virus pandemic and other Court updates

In a press release describing new “hot spot, clusters” the Governor Andrew M. Cuomo stated “….. this thing is not over.” The NY Governor, September 29th, 2020, announced that the State’s Tenant Safe Harbor Act will be expanded until January 1st, 2021 to protect additional tenants from eviction if they are suffering financial hardship during the […]

Another Extension

“We never turned it off. We turned it way, way down” Gov. Andrew Cuomo July 7th, 2020 In response to the cautious reopening of business Governor Cuomo issued Executive order 202.47 once again continuing the suspensions and modifications of law, and any directives which tolls the date of time limits in Court Actions until August […]

Breaking News: The Clock Restarted in New York on Court Cases

While votes were being counted last nights, Governor Cuomo issued another Executive Order that ENDS effective today- November 4th, 2020,  the Tolling of Time limits in filings, service and court actions in New York State This latest Executive Order 202.72.  means that the clock picks up where it stopped on March 7th or starts today […]

Court News: Update Sept 7th 2020

Governor Cuomo in a video conference this Labor Day stated “New York State will go down in the history books as the place that beat back COVID.” In keeping with the states policy to social distance and protect essential workers of the state the Governor issued another Executive Order 202.60 continuing the suspensions in previous […]

Court News

  With New York City coming on board today, all Courts in New York State have resumed in-person operations allowing for limited traffic in court facilities and the ability for the public to file papers.  All Judges and their chambers staff are back in court buildings along with a modest percentage of other support staff.  […]

New Executive Order Extends Time

The Latest Update As many of you know, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.8 on March 20th tolling the date of time limits in Court Actions until April 19. Then this was further extended until June 6th, 2020 . Five days ago on June 6th, he issued a third, Executive Order-202.38  to extend the suspensions […]

Breaking News:E-filing Commences for Non Essential Matters

Today, Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks issued an Administrative Order implementing the memorandum which permits the filing of new non-essential matters through NYSCEF even in counties that have not yet reopened. Commencement of new matters are now allowed in all counties per order AO-114-20. The dates we can start e-filing range from May 18th to May […]

Executive Order Extends Tolling

On May 7th, 2020 Governor Cuomo issued a new Executive Order 202.28 which extended the provisions tolling statutes to June 6, 2020. Documents and statutes that would have expired are still viable through this date. We expect that until the courts reopen, these dates will continue to be extended.This same order extends the eviction moratorium on renters […]

New York State Court Administrator Expands Virtual Court Operations

With the Success the NY State Courts have had with Virtual Court Operations, The Chief Administrative Judge announced on April 13th, 2020 that the Courts will Expand these Virtual Hearings Beyond the Limited Categories included in “Essential and Emergency Matters” This week, Judges will start to schedule conferences and hearings to be done by Skype […]

Covid-19 Updates

Our thoughts are with all our clients, friends and associates as we go through this uncertain time. We will continue to provide updates on available resources and information that affect the service of legal documents and the businesses of the members of the ASubpoena family. Dated April 7th 2020 Recap: Executive orders and Information as […]