The State of New Jersey simplifies the procedure to convert and domesticate a foreign state’s subpoena

As of September 1, 2014, The New Jersey Supreme Court has amended Rule 4:11-4 to provide a new section, R. 4:11-4(b), incorporating the concept of the UIDDA, simplifying the procedure for issuing foreign deposition subpoenas consistent with the Uniform Interstate Deposition and Discovery Act (UIDDA). The Uniform Law Commission, formerly the National Council of Commissioners […]

NY E-Filing …. New York State Court E- Filing

The New York State Courts Electronic Filing System (“NYSCEF”) is a means of filing and serving legal documents electronically with various courts, including the Surrogate’s Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Claims. The system is accessible through a website located at this address: Legislation was enacted in 2011 allowing electronic filing of litigation […]

New Forms for Request of Judicial Intervention (RJI) for NY State

On July 20 2012, new RJI forms were issued. Notice: The Unified Court System has issued a new RJI (UCS-840) and has added addendums which must be included with the RJI for Commercial Division, Foreclosure and Matrimonial cases. The clerk’s offices, throughout the state will be rejecting the old forms in a very short time. […]

Governor Andrew M Cuomo vetoes legislation detrimental to Process Servers

Service of Process on the Secretary of State (S.5533 Bonacic/ A.8455 Weinstein) This legislation would allow any Department of State office in New York State to accept service of process on the Secretary of State. Under current law, service upon the Secretary of State must be done in the Albany office. If enacted, this bill […]

New Information from NYPPSA in the ongoing Negotiations with NYC DCA

This expert has been sent out by thew NYPPSA Administration: To All Members: On May 12 2011 the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, heretofore referred to as the DCA published amendments to the current rules regarding Digital Record Keeping for Licensed Process Servers and Agencies. The hearing for the amendments will take place […]

Now NY Processservers can convert out of State subpoenas saving our Out of State attorneys time and money!

From the New York Law Journal February 22, 2011 “CPLR §3119, a newly enacted provision of the CPLR, effective Jan. 1, 2011, holds the promise to make it substantially easier to seek discovery in New York for cases pending outside of New York.” This new rule will make it easier to issue a subpoena for […]