Process Service

Nationwide and International Do you need a process server? A Subpoena will make your service of process experience as easy and smooth as possible. All of our process servers are... Learn More »

Court Filing and Document Retrieval

When filing a document with the court, there are many procedures and guidelines to which one must adhere. Each court has its own set of filing requirements. These can... Learn More »

Secretary of State Filing

If you need to serve a corporation or insurance company, A Subpoena can serve your documents on the Secretary of State or the Superintendent of Insurance. We have years... Learn More »

Legal Courier Service

A Subpoena offers legal courier services in the Tri-State area, including Westchester, the Bronx, New York City, and New Jersey. Our legal courier services deliver messages, packages, and mail.... Learn More »

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the process of finding someone with unknown whereabouts. Many times during the process of service the subject is elusive, trying to avoid being served. In the past it... Learn More »

Domestication of Foreign State Subpoenas

Are you seeking to serve an out-of-state or foreign state subpoena to a New York, or New Jersey Resident? In 2011, New York passed CPLR 3119, making it substantially... Learn More »


Legislation was enacted in 2011 allowing electronic filing of litigation through the NY State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF). In 2012, pursuant to an administrative order, Electronic filing (E-filing)... Learn More »