Breaking News: The Clock Restarted in New York on Court Cases

While votes were being counted last nights, Governor Cuomo issued another Executive Order that ENDS effective today- November 4th, 2020,  the Tolling of Time limits in filings, service and court actions in New York State

This latest Executive Order 202.72.  means that the clock picks up where it stopped on March 7th or starts today on any cases in work or commenced before November 4th,2020.

 For example, if a case was filed before the suspension in March and had 90 days left to be served, you still have that same 90days to serve that case, starting from Nov 4th, 2020. Alternatively, if you started a case anytime within the toll period from March 7th until Nov 4th, 2020 you still have the full number of days (i.e. Supreme/civil 120days) to serve your case starting today

This is a hopeful sign that that the Governor is confident in New York  and New Yorkers, despite fears of an uptick in Covid-19 cases surrounding the state

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