Governor Andrew M Cuomo vetoes legislation detrimental to Process Servers

Service of Process on the Secretary of State (S.5533 Bonacic/ A.8455 Weinstein)

This legislation would allow any Department of State office in New York State to accept service of process on the Secretary of State. Under current law, service upon the Secretary of State must be done in the Albany office. If enacted, this bill would have a detrimental impact on local businesses hired by law firms and municipal governments from around New York State to serve process on the Secretary of State’s Albany office. This bill passed both Houses in March.

NYPPSA and NAPPS both sent letters in opposition to this legislation and we were heard.
On August 1, 2012, Governor Andrew M Cuomo vetoed both versions of the proposed law, putting to rest, at least temporarily an issue that would have had severe detrimental effects to our members in the Capital region of New York State.